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If you’re looking to fit your property with a proven classic, then an up-and-over garage door is for you.​

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Energycare Up and Over garage doors have a retractable action for smooth running. The door slides up and over into the garage, providing safe and very reliable operation. Factory fitted canopy frames are 54mm wide as standard. Retractable frames are 70mm. Novoferm Up & Over garage doors are supplied with an optional pre-hung factory finished steel fixing frame, which makes installation simple and eliminates the need for a timber frame.

Top Quality - Combined With Safety

When you opt for a Novoferm up-and-over door, you’ll be investing in quality that cannot be beaten. Each door is comprised of hot-dipped galvanised thin sheet metal primed with a polyester-based electrostatic powder coating. These features come together to provide outstanding protection against corrosion. Such build-quality extends to the door leaf, block frame, guides, lever arms and all other components which are also galvanised.

We’ve employed the use of distortion-resistant, welded frame edges and hollow frame profiles with cross braces to provide the sort of stability customers have come to expect. So confident are we of the build-quality of these doors, that we’ve slapped a ten-year warranty on all metal doors (five-year for our wooden options).

In terms of safety, personal protection comes in the form of an automatic cut-off and self-monitoring power limitation. A three-point central locking system keeps out intruders as does the self-locking gear.

If you’d like to see for yourself how up-and-over doors actually work, check out the video on the left which explains the process in more detail. 



1. Unbeatable Protection
Thanks to the addition of a self-monitoring automatic cut-off system, these doors ensure that the user’s safety is never compromised. If the door encounters any resistance, no matter how small, the door stops immediately and re-opens.

2. Outstanding Burglar Resistance
Equipped with a market-leading three-point locking system (incl. BDIP track), your property will be protected using the safe principle. These doors can lock on both sides, and the frame itself houses solid bolts and an additional locking mechanism provided by the operator. This separate mechanism self-locks at the upper edge of the door leaf.

3. Ease-of-Use
The door itself is easy to operate thanks to the addition of specially designed lever arm bearings. The door itself is lightweight, making manual and automatic operation incredibly straightforward.

4. Maximum Reliability
Reliability is all-but-guaranteed as is the superb ease of operation thanks to the presence of powerful triple spring assembles. In the event that a spring breaks, it won’t break off, instead, remaining screwed in at the top and bottom. The remaining screws are designed to pick up the slack, keeping the door securely in place.

5. Additional Material Protection

Outside interference with tools is negated by the clever way in which the floor-independent horizontal locking device is integrated into the doors. The solid bolts in the side frames are positioned in a way that leaves them safe from outside manipulation.

While CE regulations are good and all, it’s always worth going the extra mile to exceed them. To that end, all our up-and-over doors are certified in accordance with the European garage door standard of EN 13241-1.

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