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Fascia, Soffits & Guttering

Upgrade your home's exterior with our high-quality fascia, soffits, and guttering solutions. Our durable materials not only enhance the visual appeal of your property but also provide essential protection against the elements, preventing water damage and maintaining structural integrity. With a wide range of styles and colors, our products not only offer superior performance but also allow you to customize your home's look, ensuring lasting curb appeal. Invest in the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your property – choose our premium fascia, soffits, and guttering for a durable and stylish upgrade.

The Benefits of Energycare Fascia & Soffits

Low Maintenance

Known for its durability, uPVC is low-maintenance. It’s the perfect material for hard-to-reach features like soffits and fascias as it is easy to clean. Unlike metal or wood, uPVC fascias and soffits won't rust, rot, peel or warp.

Improved Aesthetics

New soffits and fascias are a subtle but effective means of transforming the appearance of your home. Replacing your old ones can increase kerb appeal. Choose from our wide colour range to match your new uPVC rooftrim to your existing window and door frames.


Soffits and fascias made from uPVC are by far the best value material balanced with the best quality. Our uPVC rooftrim system is lightweight and quick to install compared to alternative materials. Leaving your old, damaged rooftrim in place can end up costing you money by letting rainwater in and causing harm to your roof.

uPVC Soffits and Fascia Colour Options

UPVC soffits and fascia colour options
UPVC soffits and fascia colour options
Fascia & Soffits

The Benefits of Energycare Guttering & Downpipes

Gutter Protection System

Our Gutterguard protection system helps keep your new gutter from being blocked by wet leaves. Made from 100% recycled plastic, our system means there will be no more balancing on a ladder to clean them out.

Update Tired Exteriors

Stained, faded or damaged gutters have a negative impact on the look of your home. They're a detail often overlooked. Transform the look of your home with uPVC gutters and downpipes available in two styles, different flow sizes and a range of colours.

Recycle Rainwater

Save on the DIY jobs for this year. Add an optional water butt to your new downpipes to recycle rainwater. Our water butts have a 200 litre capacity and come with a diverter ready to be plumbed into a conventional rainwater downpipe.

Guttering Shape Options

Square Guttering

uPVC square guttering is an excellent choice for homes in areas with large quantities of rainfall, due to its generous capacity to carry water and debris.


Half-Round Guttering

Half-round guttering has a smooth, curved interior to encourage the movement of rainwater and reduce the possibility of standing water.


Square gutter and downpipes
half round gutter and downpipes
Guttering and Downpipe

Guttering & Downpipe Colour Options

Guttering and downpipe colour options
Cladding on house


Transform the look and feel of your property with our premium cladding solution. Our high-quality cladding not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also provides a protective barrier against the elements, ensuring long-lasting durability. Elevate your property's style and durability simultaneously with our top-notch cladding solution.

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