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Why Choose resin over block paving, concrete, flags or tarmac?

As well as having a highly cosmetic finish with outstanding kerb appeal, resin is over 10 times more eco-friendly in comparison to concrete. Most importantly it allows water to drain naturally through the finished surface, reducing puddles and slippage. This confirms to the SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainange Systems) legislation and also means planning permission is not required for resin bound driveways. Resin Bound is a surface with very high anti-slip properites and low maintenance. 

The Quality

Carefully sourced 100% natural stone, mined from the finest quarries across the Uk and Europe to ensure longevity and consistency.

Extensive periods of time experimenting and testing different aggregate mixes and conducting market research in order to bring you the best looking and most sought after resin bound mixes on the market.



Best in the Business Resin

Whilst we recognise that both installation and workmanship play a critic role in laying beautiful, permeable resin bound paving, the quality of the materials used are also imperative, specifically the resin.  Behind the scenes there has been significant time spent conducting research and development in the laboratory, experimenting with the different resin bound mixtures on the market, in order to manufacture the highest quality resin available. 

The specific formulated polyurethane based system developed has excellent chemical properties with ultra strong adhesive. This allows you to have permeable, SUD's compliant surface that will last for years to come, unlike any other in the industry. Our resins are high grade and no solvents are used throughout our highly controlled manufacturing process. 

Slide me - Before & After



Our outside space has been completely transformed within a week. A seamless service from start to finish.


Mr & Mrs Pearson, Harrogate

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