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Roof Lanterns

A very popular roof lantern to let vast amounts
of light in to any room during the day and
look perfect at night, whilst providing a
traditional and contemporary design to
complement a broad range of home styles
and designs.

Our bespoke Korniche glass roof lanterns have been designed to visually enhance and expand the appearance of specific areas, including dark and cramped spaces, which can benefit from a new appearance through daylight and sky views. The roof lights are a seamless design having no joints at all.

Our lanterns range are capable of brightening up a space two times more versus natural light coming in through large vertical windows – helping you make a highly positive impact on your living space.


High thermal Performance


No visible fixings

Seamless design


10 Year Guarantee


Made to measure

Best-in-Class Materials

We rely on only the highest quality materials for our roof lantern, getting them sourced from the most reputable suppliers in the market. This helps us ensure that you get great aesthetic value for your money while also helping you save energy costs and enjoy excellent all-around thermal performance.

Optional Extras We Offer

If you feel like customizing your roof lanterns with a few extras, then we know just the thing to help you achieve that:

Glazed Skylights

Achieve a U-value rating of 0.9 which means your windows allow less heat to escape or let in during the summers, which in turn, reduces the number of cold and hot spots around your room, thus, making it more thermally efficient.


Pilkington easy clean Glass

Special easy clean coating to reduce the frequency of cleaning


Clear, Grey or Blue Glass

Tinted glass is perfect for improving solar control performance which is achieved through cooler internal temperatures while also maintaining light transmission.

Peace of mind comes as standard with Korniche

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