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Conservatory Insulation


Use your Conservatory ALL YEAR ROUND

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Is your conservatory too hot in summer, too cold in winter, noisy when it rains/windy? 

It’s time to reclaim your space and transform your conservatory into a room you can use & enjoy all year round. 

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Cool in the summer

When warmer weather arrives it can be really difficult to keep your conservatory cool. We found that customers may have invested thousands of pounds into an amazing conservatory to then find it can only be used a few weeks of the year. The truth is the room is either too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. As soon as the temperature starts to rise, you need to open the windows and doors of the conservatory or consider air conditioning. In the summer months the heat becomes unbearable and makes the room very difficult to be of any use. 

Warm In Winter

Having the extra space a conservatory gives can be an incredibly useful area allowing you to have an additional living room, dining room or office. 
Unfortunately, due to the fluctuating temperatures in the UK, you end up with an expensive mistake that is rarely used plus a room that’s unbearably cold in the autumn and winter and a space that becomes locked off from the home for at least six months of the year.

Why Conservatories get Hot

Conservatories stay warm because only some kinds of radiation penetrate their glass and plastic surfaces. Solar radiation passes freely through clear substances like the conservatory glass and plastic, and it heats the furniture, floor, plants and anything else inside. On the other hand, thermal radiation, also known as heat and infrared radiation, cannot pass through glass and plastic, and so it is trapped inside the conservatory like a greenhouse.

All air is heated by the sun’s rays, but conservatories concentrate that heat much more than the outdoor air around them because the air mass inside conservatory is so much smaller than the air mass outdoors. The same principle affects how hot the passenger compartment of a car becomes on a sunny day. Because the air mass inside a car is so small, it heats much faster than the air surrounding the car. This effect also explains why the planet warms when the atmosphere contains an increasing amount of substances that prevent thermal radiation from escaping.

Why Conservatories get Cold

All conservatory roofs lack proper insulation and therefore are almost always the coldest room in any home.  Trying to heat your conservatory is often an expensive fools errand as the heat produced by any space heater or radiator quickly escapes from the conservatory roof, retaining very little warmth in the room.  For the same reason, in the summer your conservatory can become something more akin to a greenhouse.  What makes our system so unique is our aluminium foil quilt which prevents 91% of heat loss in the winter, it also reflects 98% of damaging radiant energy in the summer, regulating the temperature in your conservatory making it cooler.


Cooler In Summer


No Sun Bleaching


Warmer In Winter


Quieter Living Space


High Energy Efficiency


Reduce Heating Bills

Throwing Money Away

According to the Energy Saving Trust an uninsulated home can lose 25% of heating through the roof and with so much glazing in conservatories even more can be lost. In fact according to a survey carried out by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, the average conservatory owner uses an extra 4,800 kWh per annum. Which at 15.5p pkw equates to £744 per year! A study also revealed that Modelling using the Cambridge Housing Model  shows that households can use at least 13% more energy for space heating if they heat their conservatories. That’s money going straight through the roof. This is why the government only charge 5% VAT on our product as it is a proven energy saver.

Key benefits of Conservatory Insulations:
EnergySave Aluminium Foil Insulation


Prevents 91% of heat loss in the winter


Reflects up to 98% of radiant energy in the summer making it cooler


A proven energy saving product that will reduce your heating bills


Only attracts 5% VAT as a proven energy saving product​


Quieter with a reduction in noise from rain


Protects your furniture and furnishings from UV fading


Easy to maintain and wipe clean


Eradicates any unsightly insect problems


Insulated by Energycare experts

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