Slim frames and more glass for a brighter home

Aluminium windows are made with our slimmest frames, to allow more light to flood into your home. Offering a perfect contemporary style and unique frame design with style grooves, available in a range of contemporary colours to give your home a sophisticated, modern style.

We make it easy to find the cost and energy savings you’re looking for – one of our Energycare designers will visit you at home to give you expert advice based on your particular needs. They’ll also guide you through deciding the best configuration for each room and selecting other features like decorative bars and glass designs that will make your windows unique.

Once you’ve decided what you want, our designer can give you an accurate quote. Your aluminium windows will always be made to your exact specifications, ensuring that they perfectly fit your home.

Contemporary style

Our slimmest frame

Modern colour range

Strong, durable and secure

No maintenance required

Frame colours

Energycare aluminum windows are available in a range of one colour options, with the same tone on the inside and out. You can choose a two colour window, with white on the inside and a different contemporary darks like Grey and Black shade on the exterior.

Colour Options